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int: what is your secret talent?

int: what is your secret talent?

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need to stop.

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so i got bored…



so i got bored…


Things I don’t understand about Modest! fighting Larry shippers

There’s something I don’t understand here:

So let’s say for a moment that Larry Stylinson is is 100% real and Modest! is trying to cover it up.

My question: why?

Some say it’s because it would be bad for their image and sales, but the thing is, just go read any fanfic. You think the fans care if they’re gay? They would love it! Seriously, I think they would even sell more if they were in some kind of orgiastic gay fivesome.

Also, if it is so bad for their image, why don’t they fight Ziam as well? Because it’s always Larry, Larry, Larry, but Zayn and Liam are as big a ship as Harry and Louis. So why not this one as well? And for what I see, Narry is getting more and more popular each day, but no one is trying to stop it.

Now I said that Larry can’t possibly be bad for their image, but truth is, there’s a lot of hate in the fandom towards Larry shippers because “it’s offensive towards Louis’ girlfriend, you can’t imply he’s gay!” Here’s a challenge: try to find people that hate Ziam, or Narry, or ffs, try to find people that hate any ship involving Louis with someone other than Harry. There’s basically none (and not, shipwars do not count). Why don’t they hate that? Why only Larry? My theory: the only one that’s ever complained was Louis and only complained about Larry (then again, Modest! has obviously access to their Twitter accounts, so when I say Louis, I say “someone who may or may not be Louis”), so people will blindly agree with him. Really, if he said he really enjoyed sniffing glue, try to guess how many fans will start doing it. They don’t find Zouis or Lilo offensive to Louis’ gf because he has never said he hates them.

So, if the possibility of any of the boys being gay and even in a relationship with each other can’t really harm their image (and, let’s get real, they’ll get more fans because the gays will always follow other gays, it’s like we’re biologically programmed to follow anyone who loves dick), why would Modest! spend so much time and resources in this?

There’s three possibilities, I think:

One: Louis and Harry are not in a relationship and Eleanor is just extremely jealous of Harry. (Still doesn’t explain why Modest! likes to fight Larry shippers so much)

Two: Louis and Harry are in a relation ship, but they’re not ready to come out and Modest! is just trying to help them.

And three, which is the worst in my opinion: Louis and Harry are in a relationship, but Modest! is forcing them to hide because they’re homophobic and don’t want to be associated with “a bunch of queers”.

Personally, I would rather have options one or two, because I know I will get fucking pissed if three ends up being true.

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I just really 


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Yes! I’m tired of homophobics.Like come on they are still people. I am not lesbain but I 100% support gays and lesbians. Sick people  these days…. :( I love you Josh …

lekswinterisdyslexic sent: YOU'RE A CHAV?????


Ah yes totally 100% 

10/10 total chav


My girlfriend just got OWNED


My girlfriend just got OWNED