Leks Winter Is Dyslexic

Leks. 23. Dyslexic. My race, sex, gender, sexuality, and religion are none of your business. Keep the sass and just be strong.

You can call me Leks, Lex, Xander, Ashley, Ash, Arthur, Artie, Iskandar, queen bee, cocksucking asslicking unclefucker, whatever as long as you call me, motherdarling.

Hawthorneonfire's official Geography and Sex Ed teacher, fashion terrorist, and Calife à la place du Calife.

when something was thrown at niall x

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click on image for higher resolution \o/ (it’s all aylin’s fault)

click on image for higher resolution \o/ (it’s all aylin’s fault)


People starving when tons of unsold food is thrown away globally because people couldn’t afford to purchase the food, that’s violence. 

People dying and going bankrupt to pay for their healthcare, that’s violence. 

People being evicted from their homes when there are more houses than there are houseless people, that’s violence.

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Basically dreamt that Harry Styles murdered Louis Tomlinson in the middle of a football match with an axe live on telly. And you know how it doesn’t matter how absurd or illogical something may be, as long as you’re sleeping it feels real and plausible, right?

I even had to check Google when I woke up cause seriously, I was starting to worry.

Now I want to write that though (which is ironic because during the dream I was feeling miserable cause I witnessed a very gory murder on telly, ffs)

nine random pics of niall being perfect/cute in childhood
nine random pics/gifs of niall making me sob with his thumbs up


the whole like “you’re too young to be gay” shit like.  queer people arent like pokemon you don’t level up enough to evolve into a gay.

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